Angel Investor Groups in Arizona

angel investor groups arizonaLast week I attended the annual TiE-AZ Angel Capital Event where 20 entrepreneurs presented their businesses to a panel of experienced angel investors and a large crowd of observers. I met many presenting entrepreneurs and attendees who were not aware of the existing angel investor groups in Arizona.

There are several active angel networks in Arizona: Arizona Technology Investor Forum (ATIF), Arizona Angels and Desert Angels. Smaller angel groups and events are growing too.

These angel investor groups provide a formal process for a network of investors to learn about new businesses and evaluate investment opportunities. They each have a screening process to select the best deals. Selected entrepreneurs are then invited to present at regular group meetings. Some networks invest as a group, while others invest individually.

Active Investor Networks in Arizona

Arizona Technology Investor Forum (ATIF)
ATIF members have directly invested $2.3 million in technology startup companies based in Arizona since 2007. ATIF focuses on technology ventures that are seeking seed or early-stage funding.

Arizona Angels
Arizona Angels is a network of investors that reviews and invests in a variety of startup and early stage companies based in Arizona.

Desert Angels
Desert Angels is a Tucson-based investment group that reviews and invests in early stage startups in a wide range of industries.

Invest Southwest Capital Conference
While it is not a formal investor group, the annual Invest Southwest Capital Conference is a premier forum for Arizona companies to present to angel and venture capital investors.

Northern Arizona Angels
Northern Arizona Angels is affiliated with the Northern Arizona Center for Emerging Technologies (NACET) in Flagstaff. Contact Rick Gibson for information at


Additional Angel Network Resources