About New Avenue

New Avenue is a strategic marketing firm that works with CEOs of emerging technology companies to develop and execute high-impact marketing and business strategies to create explosive growth. New Avenue helps promising startups become successful big companies.

New Avenue founder Greg Head works closely with each client CEO and their teams to develop the core marketing and business strategies, including these key elements:

  • Aligning the product, business model, product or service definition, marketing and leadership to create a compelling market message and a scalable business
  • Developing the core marketing positioning and messaging platform
  • Executing cost-effective marketing that generates real leads and builds industry leadership
  • Raising investment funds based on the new strategy, business plan and strategic focus

Greg Head is an experienced technology marketing and business leader who has grown tech startups into lasting global businesses for 25 years. His passionate hands-on approach will bring an insightful outside perspective to your business discussion to create practical execution plans.

Previous clients include: